A healthy diet is a happier you!

The best way to start a healthy eating is to remove the sugar and the fat! Don’t buy this stuff. If its in front of you the more likely you will eat it.

5  Tips to eating better and losing weight; 

  1. No Snacking – it is so easy to grab a muesli bar or have a cookie with a cup of tea during the day  but snacks are a no no! Try your best to stick to 3 meals a day! (Snacking is ok if you have one or two pieces of fruit outside meal times)
  2. Smaller servings – try not to have a full plate of food.
  3.  Make sure you are having natural protein to fuel your body  from Eggs, Chicken, Red Meat etc.. but don’t over kill with protein shakes unless you can work it off.
  4. Stay away from Bread, White Rice, Pasta – These are all carbs you can do without limit yourself to small portions and start using Brown Rice, Cauliflower rice, Rye bread etc.
  5. Milk- Even try to stay clear of milk products they contain high levels of fat. Start having less of these products and substitute with soy or almond milk


Example this is what i ate yesterday:

Brekkie: Home Made Chia Pudding (with banana, almond mink and cinnamon)                With a home made fresh juice (Beetroot, Carrot, Ginger and Apple)

Lunch: Home Made Lamb meatball salad with spinach, tomato and freshly squeezed lemon

Dinner: A small serving of Home Made Green Chicken Curry with brown rice and fresh fruit for dessert.  (I went to a friends for dinner so usually don’t have dessert)

Remember – Drink plenty of water during the day! If i feel like snacking i will have a big glass of water.


Hope this helps



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