Instagram born in 2010  has created quite a name for itself over the past six years, the app designed to capture and share the world’s best moments was built by 30-year-old Kevin Systrom. Just 2 months after it launched the social media giant consisted of 1 million users and within the first 12 hours of its android release another million! The photo-sharing app born to succeed became known for its rapid gain in popularity.

The  brand stood on its own until April 2012, when Facebook bought Instagram for a whopping 1 billion US dollars in cash, WOAH! For a program that only took 8 weeks to whip up and release to the public, why was it such a top dollar purchase? Due to its astounding success and serious potential the server became the future of social media and  was Facebook’s largest competition. Although spending the big bucks on a simple app isn’t ideal, it has definitely played to Facebook’s advantage. Buying out your competition is risky but owning two of the world’s largest networking platforms is pretty impressive!

So, how has Instagram become such a big part of western society?! Instagram is broadening our horizons – a picture says a thousand words after all! This huge tool is giving us complete access to knowledge of people, places, events and news through the world’s largest lens and we are the photographers! Not only does the app give us the chance to bring out our inner creative side it also benefits us professionally.

Instagram is responsible for a number of new engagement avenues in our society and boy  the opportunities are endless! Currently, with 500 million  users Instagram gives us access to connect with a huge audience, especially since over 300 million users activate their accounts daily! Businesses around the world thrive from this powerful and free marketing tool, some even become famous, with popularity growing over what they are posting on Instagram.

Instagram is not only brilliant to engage with consumers but it is also inspirational. Many people draw inspiration from Instagram to do day to day things including; work projects, articles & news reports, fashion styles, fitness resumes and even the food we choose to eat.  Most of us are daily if not weekly users of the platform and this gives marketers the opportunity to drill a constant flow of information into us without even suspecting a thing! The subconscious mind is influenced by many things we take in during our time on Instagram, this can even affect the way we communicate.

Whether you have a love for food, travel, architecture, fashion, fitness, art, celebs, or even just in it for the selfie, Instagram is sure to give you the opportunity to share your world with others! This massive network truly is changing the way of the world. As a young marketer I see Instagram as a huge part of the future and is a “must have” in the marketing industry.  On that note, I leave you with this…

“We set out to change and improve the way the world communicates and shares,” Kevin Systrom Instagram creator.



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