Instagram, A Part Of Business!

Instagram the powerful social networking platform that has fast become a massive  part of society, so much so, it has even effects our education and the way of the buisness world. Born in the 90’s their is no doubt that tecnology has been a massive part of my generation. Growing up with emerging social networking engine especcially Instagram, has not only benefited me as a Student but also as someone new to the Marketing industry creating oppitunity for me and my future career.

So how dose Instagram play a part in education?  This platfrom allows people to come face to face with real life ifluences, it alows us to be inspired and learn about emerging trends and styles. Growing up with the access to this  app has benifited me when conducting assignments, in everyday work life and of course socially. Most of society see Instagram as a leisure, to connet with family and friends but this platfrom is alot more powerful then it looks. This platfrom is now one of the worlds largest marketing tools. 

Instagram with its influence of over 500million users has just created new software to increese the managment for buisness accounts. Ads on Instagram increase website visits, online sales and repeat purchases by helping people quickly get to the products they have explored on its site,through its eye-catching creative marketing. This software allows businesses stand out, get insights and find new customers over Instagram.

The Instagram Business Tools allows buisnesses to identify their direct Instagram target audience geographicly, demographicly and even behavioral. This tool even gives statistical infomation regarding how much the profile has grown per day & week, when is the best time to post and even when their target audience is most active. This tool gives marketers the ability to create a promotion from within the Instagram app therefore benifting the way Social Media Marketers work. However because this tool is new it means that Instagram isn’t yet saturated with ads thus creating it easy for buisnesses to market to it’s consumers.

Growing up with social media gives my generation the confidence and knowlage in this tecnology, creating higher demand for young marketers with creative and innovative ideas aware of the new trends in social media. Marketing over instagram and incorporate hashtags is a great way to categorize content and make it easier for non-followers to discover buisness acconts. Punchy, querky text is a fun and engaging way to inspire the audience to try products and develop awarness of brand.

In conclusion Instagram with millions of users, has become the perfect opportunity for brands to get quick messages and photos of buisness products and services to their target audiences with the potential to grow buisness oppitunities.

“The buisnesss oppitunities are endless with instagram” – Rockwell Collins



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